What Kind of Beds Are in Style?

Bedrooms are the focal point of any house, where one spends ample time reenergizing themselves. Hence it is essential to value one’s comfort at the top of the list when designing or furnishing a bedroom. In addition to being comfortable, one’s bedroom should reflect their personality and temperament in a modern way. The most important task while decorating a bedroom is to pick a perfect bed style to fit the room’s vibe, as it becomes the principal point of focus when someone enters the room!

It is easy to lose track of the millions of options while choosing the perfect bed, and something as simple as that becomes a complicated task. However, you need not worry anymore! This article will guide you to finding the best suitable bed design for your perfect room in the making!

Trendy Bed Styles

There are innumerable options for bed styles that are trending in the market and considered modern. Some of the many options are as follows.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are the perfect solution for people living in smaller apartments with little storage space. Especially for larger families, there is no such concept as ‘too much available space.’ Not only are storage beds trending in the world, but they also add a solid and sturdy look to your bedroom. Their simple designs fall easy on the eye and make them popular.

Upholstered Beds

With a soft headboard design usually wrapped with a cushion, upholstered beds give the room an easygoing and comfortable feel. They are preferred by people who wish to give their house a contemporary style yet make their guests feel at home. Its cushioned headboard is helpful for leaning against and adds to the coziness of the bed!

Canopy Beds

The four-poster or canopy-style beds are another trending design that people widely accept. Its whimsical and dreamy vibe is perfect for people with a wild imagination. Giving off a vintage feel, canopy beds are very comforting and won’t intimidate your guests away from your house!

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are undoubtedly any kid’s dream! The excitement and theater of sleeping in a bunk bed make it popular, especially in children’s bedrooms! Bunks can be molded into any desirable theme in lots of fun colors and designs. They are an excellent option as they are space-saving, providing two beds in the space of one.

Wrought Iron Beds

A wrought iron bed is the sturdiest among all the different bed styles! It can withstand more tremendous blows and has a longer lifespan than its alternative options. Apart from that, the timeless wrought iron bed frame can flow with any theme or color scheme! Its longevity and ease of handling make it significantly sought after amongst the more modern designs.


To sum it up, hundreds of different styles and variations of beds are available in the market. It is necessary to have your bed style follow the theme of your bedroom. The best strategy is to pinpoint your requirement and search for options that fulfill the said conditions! After reading this article, finding the perfect bed for your room shouldn’t be tough!



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