Benefits of Using Custom Duct Tape for Your Business

There are different ways to customize packaging. Using custom duct tape is a cost-effective option and serves a wide range of purposes. You can have tape custom printed to your specifications to create a unique brand experience at a fraction of the cost of designing a packaging box with your logo. More and more companies are now recognizing the importance of using custom-printed tape. Explore the main benefits of using custom tape for your packaging requirements.


When you use printed tape, your packaging design becomes distinct and more readily recognizable. This goes further in building a deeper and lasting impression. Some of the main benefits of using custom duct tape are as follows:

Build Brand Awareness

Custom tapes allow you to build brand awareness with your custom logos, messages, and branded content. Custom tape can be printed with almost anything. This can include:

  • Seasonal messages
  • Promotional messages
  • Company slogans

It is easier to convey your message to the target audience and boost your brand experience.

They act as a practical branding medium. You can build brand awareness while also sealing your box. You will thus be advertising and protecting the box with a single solution.

Detect Signs of Tampering

Tampering on custom-printed tape can be readily identified. Such tape is only available to your packaging team and is unique to your organization. If your packages get tampered with anywhere outside your packaging department, it will be easier to detect because no one else will have the same tape. On the same note, using such tape can also provide you with confidence that your packages were not touched during transportation.

Improved Package Identification

You can create custom-printed tapes for different purposes. Different products can become easier to identify. Such tapes can be printed with identifiable information such as batch numbers. Such functionality can especially be beneficial in the medical and food industries.

Printed tape can also be used to identify the contents inside the different cartons, contributing to proper handling and storage. It becomes easier to sort and organize different types of content.

Provide Specific Instructions

There are different types of items that need proper handling and care to prevent incidents or injuries. Custom tapes can be printed with specific instructions to ensure that your warehouse team and customers handle the packages in the desired manner.

Examples of such instructions include:

  • The contents are fragile
  • The package should be held upright
  • The package should be kept in cold storage

More Cost-Effective

Using custom-printed tapes provides a cost-effective way to showcase your brand. You are able to develop a unique brand experience without the need to spend big.

When you use custom tape for branding purposes, it helps reduce the need for maintaining large stocks of printed cartons. Using plain cartons is more cost-effective and you can order them in smaller amounts. This saves you both storage space and money.

Besides these benefits, custom-printed tapes create a professional first impression. They demonstrate that you are serious about your business and pay attention to detail.



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